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Things retired couples need to consider before buying a property

Things retired couples need to consider before buying a property

So, your children have grown older and left home or that is just about to happen and as a couple, you're planning to invest in retirement properties including a new home. If that's the case, then you're on the right site. Just read along and find out more about retirement investments.

Buying a home in retirement is probably a priority in your retirement planning because your needs have now changed and the house you used with your children no longer suits you. First, congratulations for making it this far together! Here are the things to consider when buying what may be your last home.

Is it the right area?

As a retired couple, you no longer need to live near a good school but you want a place with good features, which will allow you to live in peace. It's advisable that you do some soul-searching as you try to find a good place. You might want to stay close to your community so that you feel a sense of belonging. You might also move across the country where there is a warmer climate.

The right home

The right home is that which not only suits your needs today but that which will also suit you in future. Consider your current lifestyle and that of the future. For instance, if you entertain, then you probably need a bigger house as compared to if you don't invite people over more often.

Buying a home in retirement might cost you additional money because you need a bigger one now since your family has grown. Your grandchildren as well as their parents will obviously be visiting you overnight and therefore there is need for more guest space.

Consider what you do yourself. In case you're still working, you need a spacious home where you can have one or two offices for both of you. Buy a home that will accommodate your work and your hobbies as well as your crafts.

Remember you also need a steady income to take you through your years and not to be a burden to anyone and for that reason; you must invest your money. Your retirement planning should include a well thought out investment.

Other things to consider

Apart from buying a home in retirement, other retirement investments must be part of your retirement planning. Below are the general things you should consider as a couple before buying retirement properties.

  1. Before buying retirement properties, consider the maintenance cost. Will you be able to afford the maintenance cost of whatever you're buying? If yes, then it's a good deal.

  2. Be sure to take the legal advice of a specialist which is confidential so that the seller doesn't know. Look for a qualified real estate agent to advise you accordingly.

  3. You must check the deeds and planning permissions to be sure the properties you are buying have correct regulatory approval.

  4. A good property should be situated in area with a good infrastructure and therefore, the location of the investment properties cannot be overemphasized. There should be decent public transport as well as shopping centers and even airport access not mentioning other amenities. As retirees, you won't find life easy without good infrastructure.

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