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Things To Ask Your Listing Agent During Your First Meeting

Things To Ask Your Listing Agent During Your First Meeting

Hiring the right real estate agent is one of the most important parts in your home's selling process. When hiring a real estate agent, it is not the biggest ads and promises that define success. The kind of experience in your local market, the rapport with the person, and the support in reducing some of the stress are some of the most important factors. Here are 5 questions you must ask the agent the first time you meet them.

1. Number of Houses Sold in your Neighborhood Recently

You would want to hire an agent who has completed many sales in your neighborhood and ideally within your price range. Ask the agent how many similar homes have they successfully sold in the area in the last 1-2 years. Remember, the more stats you are able to get from them, the better they will be in selling your home in the targeted price range. The agent will also be able to help more effectively with listing the house for selling.

2. Current Number of Seller Accounts

This can go both ways. You don't want to hire an agent who is too busy with his/her existing clients. If an agent doesn't have any clients at hand currently, their experience and recent stats should be the determining factor. If he/she has been free only recently and has successfully closed many sales within your target range in your neighborhood, it would not be a bad idea to hire them. They can dedicate more time to promote your home. But make sure to read the realtor reviews and testimonials before you hire them.

3. Negotiable Fees

Ask if the commission to be paid to the realtor is negotiable. Remember, realtor fees are negotiable and there are many ways to go about them - from the conventional percentage fee to the flat fee. If you have any creative ideas about compensating them, discuss with them.

4. Price of Your House

One of the most important questions to ask when choosing a realtor is what price he/she thinks your house can sell for in the current market. Also ask them how they came up at the price. This will give you an insight into their knowledge and how they priced your house. They should take all factors into account, most importantly:

  • Current market stats

  • Similar homes available on the market

  • Condition of your home

  • Features

5. Help Finding Other Real Estate Professionals

Selling a home requires much more than the help provided by a realtor. You will also need the contribution of other professionals for the following:

  • Home inspection

  • Renovation

  • Staging

  • Legal guidance and documentation

So make sure to ask your potential real estate agent if they will help you find the right professionals to help with other aspects of your house' sale. Make sure to inquire about this before listing the house for selling with them.

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