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10 ways to effectively child proof your home

10 ways to effectively child proof your home

Keeping children out of trouble and away from things that can injure them is a difficult enough task without making it harder for yourself by neglecting child proofing. If you have small children in your home, you absolutely need to take measures to make it safer so that you can have some peace of mind and keep them out of danger. Here are 10 great tips for how to child proof your home.

  1. Safety latches and locks on cabinets and drawers. These are one of the most affordable ways to baby proof your home. It protects against poisoning and also keep little fingers from being smashed in doors and drawers.

  2. Safety gates. If you have stairs in your home, or rooms that are too dangerous for small children, safety gates are an excellent option. They come in a number of options and materials, so you can choose whatever best fits your home and budget.

  3. Set water heater temp to 120 degrees to prevent scalding. Most homes don't need tap water to come out hotter than this in the first place, and it can also help boost your energy efficiency. But best of all, it prevents accidental scalding if the children manage to play with a faucet.

  4. Window guards and safety nets. Window guards keep windows from opening far enough for small children to climb or fall out, and nets are there to catch them if they manage to get out.

  5. Corner and edge padding. Sharp edges and corners are very dangerous for babies and toddlers, who are at just the right level to bump their heads. Place sturdy padding on dangerous tables, counters, and furniture to protect your children.

  6. Outlet covers and plates. You can prevent children from sticking fingers or objects into electric sockets and shocking themselves by covering them up.

  7. Cordless window covering. Blinds with long pull cords are dangerous, so choose alternative window coverings without these hazards.

  8. Anchor furniture to prevent tipping. Heavy furniture should be well anchored or mounted to the wall to prevent it from falling if a child bumps or pushes it.

  9. Toilet lid safety latch. Small children can drown in toilets, so don't forget to install safety latches to keep them out of the water.

  10. Pool gates. If your home has a pool, make sure it is securely gated so that not little ones can wander into such a dangerous area unattended.

Keeping an eye on your children 24/7 isn't always an option, and these baby proofing measures will help you ensure that if your children get out of your site they are less likely to get injured. Putting childproof measures in place in your home may also help you sell it if your prospective buyers have children. Talk to an expert realtor to find out whether childproofing measures are a good idea for selling your home.

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