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What You Need to Know about Selling a Townhouse in Frisco

What You Need to Know about Selling a Townhouse in Frisco

Selling a townhouse can be very similar to selling a standard single family home, and yet very different at the same time. There are certain challenges and advantages that make the experience unique, and you need to be aware of them before you try to sell your own townhome. Here are some of the basics which will help you successfully sell your townhouse in Frisco.

Find a realtor experienced with selling townhomes

If you are asking yourself what to expect when selling a townhouse, you should hire a realtor.

Realtors are one of the best resources any home seller has, and you don't want to miss out on the advantages that come with hiring one.

Don't hire just any realtor though, look for one with experience selling townhomes. The real estate industry is full of professionals who specialize in certain properties or areas in order to offer better service to you. If you take the time to look you can likely find an experienced professional who is adept not only at selling townhomes, but also at navigating the Frisco real estate market for the best results.

Check HOA for any selling rules, some have them

Many townhomes have a Homeowners Association (HOA) to which their owners must defer for a variety of things. If your townhome has an HOA, you need to check with them before you try to sell it. Some HOA's have rules and guidelines for selling which can help you if you follow them and hurt you if you ignore them. The HOA is likely the governing body keeping the homes of your neighbors tidy and attractive, which will make your sale much easier. Working with the HOA is one of the best ways to successfully sell your townhome quickly and successfully.

Market the amenities in your community

Townhomes for sale in Frisco, Texas can be at a disadvantage in that they aren't always easily distinguishable from the surrounding townhomes. But they are balanced by the major advantage that comes with a good community and great amenities. If you want to sell your townhome quickly and successfully, you need to market the amenities your neighborhood has to offer. This means any pools, parks, daycares, schools, tennis courts, an HOA, and anything else you can think of that makes your Frisco townhome more attractive to buyers.

Landscaping and cosmetics can make or break a sale

Another thing that can make your particular townhome stand out from those around it is good landscaping.

A townhome with a neatly trimmed lawn, pretty flowers, and ornamental plants will offer a much more pleasant prospect to people looking for a new home.

Before anyone comes to view your townhome, mow the lawn and tidy up your yard. You don't necessarily have to plant anything fresh or lay down sod, but a tidy yard will raise your curb appeal and help your Frisco townhome sell faster.

We have a great network of agents that cover a variety of specialties, and we would be happy to put you in touch with an agent who specializes in selling townhomes. Contact us today to find the right professional for your sale.

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