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Earth Day: Tips for a Green Home

Earth Day: Tips for a Green Home

Recognition of our shared responsibility for maintaining this planet is celebrated annually in April on Earth Day. Some homeowners will go all out to turn their home into a model of environmental responsibility - installing solar panels and allowing a yard to become a natural wonder. You may want to fall somewhere in between extremes. What follows are some easy ways to join the green revolution and bring your home into the eco-friendly 21st century.

Start by becoming a label-reader. Take the time when you are out shopping to look at the ingredients on household cleaners and only purchase products that are all-natural. How can you tell? Well, if you can't read the item it is likely to be chemical based and harmful to your health and the environment. There are many natural cleaners that are as effective such as those that are plant-based.

One valuable way to do your part to save the environment is to upgrade your insulation. This will save you money by requiring you to use less natural gas or electricity to heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer. Covering windows with reflective glass coverings is also helpful. They reflect the sun in the summer which also helps to keep it cooler.

Avoid using bug sprays and pesticides. Spend some time at your local hardware or home store. There are many ways to rid your home and lawn of bugs that don't require the use of harmful chemicals. Remember, Mother Nature has been keeping the insect population in balance for centuries - you just need to tune into her organic approaches to eliminating weeds and vermin.

Buy fragrance free products for your home. Nothing smells more natural than real cookies baking in the oven or freshly washed linens pulled from the dryer. Trying to infuse these smells into your home with artificial products smells artificial! Moreover, products that have fragrances added to them may actually contain harmful allergens that can make it difficult to breathe and settle onto your furniture and carpets where they can linger and stain. If you want fresh airopen the window!

One important way to save the environment is to dispose of trash properly. Make it a habit to recycle, sort your garbage before setting it out at the curb. And think about whether an item you are about to toss may be useful to someone else. Become a donator of your clothes, dishes and other household items you no longer want. And do not throw chemicals and prescriptions down the toilet or the drain. They will find their way to the shared water supply and have been found to harm plants and animals in the streams and rivers. If you want to learn more about responsible green home ownership visit our website. We are proud to serve the homeowner community.

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Her happy journey from Engineering-Psychology and through Law school merged into 15 years running different businesses. A professional speaker and published author, she has taught Marketing and Strategy for the Georgia branch of GKIC, a global Entrepreneurship & Marketing company that influences more than 1 million business owners per year. In seeking a new way to be of service, she Co-Founded to combine her love of digital marketing and people.

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