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Seven Tips for Selling Your Old Home

Seven Tips for Selling Your Old Home

Old homes can have a lot of charm and character which make them an attractive opportunity for buyers. But they can also come with a lot of costs and responsibilities that make them a less than desirable option when buyers are looking for new homes. If you are selling an old home you want to make it as appealing as possible to ensure that it sells quickly. Fortunately, you do have some control over the appeal of your old home. Here are eight great tips on how to sell old homes that you can use to raise the appeal of your house.

  1. Give the outside a facelift with fresh paint, landscaping, etc. If your old home looks old it may scare buyers away. You can give it a makeover with a fresh coat of paint, a landscaped lawn, a repaved driveway, or anything else that will refresh the look.

  2. Make sure the roof is in good repair. Roof problems can lower the value of a home and send buyers running the other direction. Make sure that you do any necessary repairs or replacements before you sell to avoid this problem.

  3. Provide house history to give the home a personality. One of the best things about an old home is that it often has a lot of character. If your home has a story or a history that makes it more appealing, share it! These little details might just be the deciding selling point for your old home's new owner.

  4. Paint with neutral colors. An old home sometimes comes with odd style and design quirks that make it less than appealing to a buyer. If you want to raise the appeal of your home, paint the inside with neutral colors that are friendly to everyone. A neutral palette leaves buyers with the impression of a clean slate that can be customized.

  5. Update appliances if possible. Just because a home is old doesn't mean the appliances in it have to be old as well. In fact, old appliances can be a major turn off for prospective buyers. If it can fit in the budget you should update the appliances in the home to raise energy efficiency and appeal.

  6. Update flooring if you can. Old floors can be a downfall if they are not in good repair, and old carpet can be incredibly unappealing to a prospective buyer. Investing in new floors in your old home is another way to give possible buyers the impression of a clean slate.

  7. Buy a home warranty. Sometimes an old home scares buyers because they are afraid it will immediately cost them in expensive repairs when appliances or other parts of the home give out. A home warranty is a year's worth of protection against failing appliances, because it will pay for repairs and replacements should they be necessary. It usually costs around $300 or so, and it is a smart investment to raise the appeal of your old home.

These tips for selling in Denton, Texas can help, but not as much as direct professional guidance. A talented agent can help you find even more great ways to make your old home more appealing to buyers. Get in touch with us today, and we'll help you find the right agent for the sale of your hold home.

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