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House Party Ideas for St. Patrick's Day

House Party Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day is a fun celebration of everyone. Organize a party to enjoy the spirit of the green holiday. You can send out traditional party invitations to your friends and family or potential customers if you have a business. These days you can quickly and easily send those invitations online. If you send traditional invites, make sure the invitations are personalized with a handwritten note from you.

House Party Ideas

You can host a party at your home and invite your clients, neighbors and local residents. The party can be themed entirely on St. Patrick's Day by serving green colored ice cream or lime Jell-O. The decorations should also keep up the green theme by using holiday plates and cups, tablet covers, napkins and balloons in green. Green food colors can be used for coloring the cupcakes, frosting, cookies and yes, even for the beer.

Celebrate the day with traditional recipes. Serve a menu that includes classic Irish dishes. Besides serving dishes colored green, you can include Irish pub foods, which are quite popular.

Dressing for the Occasion

You should dress yourself in green and ask your guests to do the same. In fact, this is a long-standing tradition associated with St. Patrick's Day. You can wear everything in green including the shirt, pants, the jacket and top it up with a shamrock pin to complete the theme. If you can get all the guests to come in green, you can offer each of them a shamrock pin or party hat to wear too.

St. Patrick's Day T-Shirts

You can also arrange a t-shirt painting event for the party. All the guests can be asked to paint anything related to St. Patrick's on the T-shirts. At the end of the painting competition, the best design should get an award. Even better, your guests can take the t-shirts home as party favor.

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